Tech Lab Content Taxonomy

The IAB Tech Lab Content Taxonomy is currently being developed and lead by the Taxonomy & Mapping Working Group. The goal for the first iteration of the IAB Tech Lab Content Taxonomy is to:

  • Review and revise the former QAG tier 1 and tier 2 content classification categories that now exist as a product of the IAB Tech Lab
  • Establish new site content classifications
  • Support internationalization
  • Develop a machine readable content taxonomy

The IAB Tech Lab Taxonomy is expected to be the taxonomy of reference for industry protocols, best practice documents, and other standards-track documents. Existing dependencies include OpenRTB, DAAST, and QAG.

While the IAB Tech Lab Content Taxonomy is in development, please continue to reference the IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG) Taxonomy.

IAB Tech Lab Contact



Melissa Gallo
Director of Product, Programmatic Automation & Data