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HTML5 for Digital Advertising 2.0 Released

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Overview of HTML5 for Digital Advertising 2.0 (PDF)

HTML5 Ads are like mini web pages and require multiple file types to create the ad display and ad features. The collection of file needs to be packaged and optimized for load performance and minimum time to display an ad. In addition, HTML5 opens up a diverse set of choices to the designers to build ads with. This guide is designed to help designers navigate the different choices in technologies like javascript, CSS, SVG, Video formats and codecs as well as understand their compatibilities with different browsers.

HTML5 for Digital Advertising 2.0 offers guidance on optimizing HTML5 ad code for better performance across platforms.This document establishes common ground for optimized HTML5 ads, helping reduce operational overhead that results as companies make the shift from graphical development tools like Flash™ to HTML5, a nascent standard that requires more manual processing.

The demand for HTML5-formatted ads has increased as the promise for seamless operation across desktop computers and mobile devices is propagated in the marketplace. While HTML5 offers a rich rendering experience across devices, the scarcity of design tools requires additional expertise.

The operational costs of shifting from visual design to code-based design are magnified when publishers and ad developers lack a common framework for HTML5 ad optimization. This document arms ad designers, creative technologists and ad operation professionals with a common operational framework for creating and delivering seamless ad experiences.

Ultimately, wide adoption of HTML5 as an ad development standard may improve and reduce operational costs, but the digital advertising industry will struggle with HTML5 until much needed guidelines are put in place to help companies package and serve these ads as efficiently as possible.

As a framework for HTML5 ad optimization, this document addresses some of the common hurdles that have stifled HTML5 ad implementation. Until guidance for more complex issues in HTML5 adoption is available, adhering to the practices outlined in this document will help companies begin to build HTML5 ad development workflows that are more scalable and consistent, improving ad performance and user experience across all platforms.

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